The objective of the BHMW INVEST SICAV a.s. fund is in the first stage the appreciation of the funds of qualified investors thanks to exceptional strategy.
We offer investors participation in our know-how in the area of bottling and distribution of waters for curative driking cures and classical mineral waters for beverage industry.

We further offer worldwide cooperation with HEAD, whose licence we acquired. In the second stage, we offer cooperation in the future development of real estate of the founder during the development of Spa and therapeutic premises and other projects that fall under the Company’s vision.


Values and business strategy of BHMW a.s.
seriousness, flexibility and professionalism.


The founder and carrier of the idea is the company BHMW a.s., which owns all the bottling rights for Spa resources that are used to make the distributed products and has long-term experience in the field of investments. The Company is the guarantor of the fund, which is based on the possibility or development of the historically successful branch with the contribution of funds from the private sector.

Within the framework of the fund, you can rely on the professional team of experts working for BOHEMIA HEALING MARIENBAD WATERS a.s., already for many years and with lots of experience.

We are not only capable of searching for entrepreneurial and business opportunities, but also create, implement and fully utilise them. Thanks to our business spirit, creativity and financial discipline, we will be a strong partner for you. We value loyalty and consider it to be a significant value. Our biggest investments are therefore the people with whom we work.

Our global brands in combination with the scope of experience and careful access of our team provide the values that we offer for joint appreciation of investments in the BHMW INVEST SICAV a.s. fund.


We bottling curative springs

We perceive care for unique curative water springs that are an integral part of the national heritage for hundreds of years. It deserves the best marketing support and investments into the further development of their usage.

We produce licensed products

BHMW a.s. is a official licensee of HEAD.COM company for the drinks and beverages industry. Its product ranges covers mineral water products, sports, ion and energy drinks.

We develop spa resorts

We offer cooperation in the future development of real estate of the founder during the development of Spa and therapeutic premises and other projects, which fall under the Company’s vision.

Characteristics of the fund

Fund name


Investment horizon

5 years and more

Fund size

> CZK 100,000,000 planned for realisation in 2019.
The fund is open to further investors

Investment strategy

The fund particularly invests in capital interests and loans.
Achievement of the maximum possible revenue from direct and indirect investments from fund assets. The strategy shall be fulfilled by active management of the fund and continuous relocation of the portfolio.

Total investment yield

8 – 10 % p.a.

Fund type

Qualified investor fund

Share type

Certificated registered shares

Investment company

DELTA Investiční společnost, a.s.


Czech National Bank


UniCredit Bank CZ a SK a.s.

Our water springs of worldwide renown

1554 – Ferdinand Spring
1664 – Biliner acidulous water (Biliner Sauerbrunn)
1717 – Zajecicka bitter water
1816 – Rudolf Spring
1986 – Aqua Maria


HEAD licenced products

1947 – first metallic skis in the world (Howard Head)
1969 – world’s first aluminium rackets
1989 – company acquires the Tyrolia and Mares companies
2000 – HEAD is launched on the stock exchange
1995 – Johan Eliasch becomes owner of HEAD
2018 – HEAD enters the food industry


Registered seat of the fund

Sales points

Registered seat of the Company

Anglická 247/71
Mariánské Lázně
353 01

Ondřej Chrt

Chairman of the Investment Committee
+420 734 847 218

Production plant Bilina

Kyselská 122
418 01

Ivo Štorek

Předseda dozorčí rady
+420 777 031 630

Production plant Marienbad

Anglická 271/47
Mariánské Lázně
353 01

Fund value as of 30/09/2019:

Share value as of:

1032.00 CZK

Total assets:

45 131 552 CZK

Revenues from establishment:


Awareness and tradition for your secure investments

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